Shelter Covenant Identity

Up, In, & Out

Shelter Covenant Church is based in Concord, California, in the middle of Todos Santos Park. We were asked to help them with an identity, collateral, and a website to help educate and inform about Shelter’s core values. The website would be used as a super cool tool to show upcoming events, and listen to sermons posted online.

Shelter’s core values revolve around UP with God, IN with the church community, and OUT with the world. It is based off a triangles never ending motion, showing that you are always striving to go from corner to corner.

We wanted to give them a minimal but human identity. We also added some real vibrance and life with the colors we chose. We wanted to hint at the triangle with the shape of the mark, and then just human it up with paint strokes. Rolling out this identity into collateral was super fun, working with colors and textures, it was easy to keep the voice consistent.

The website is a very old website, but was utilized heavily by the public to listen to sermons and find events. Even today, the website still holds up, at least on desktop.


We went the extra mile to infuse human feel.


A full system from logo to website was developed.