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5 Secrets To Help Your Designer Make An Amazing Logo!

First off, congrats! Being at the point of needing a logo is a big step, for you and your emerging brand. We have written this blog to help you with your relationship to your designer in this process. We have a lot of experience with the process of creating a logo from scratch, and all the fun stuff that happens between the designer and the client. We hope these five simple suggestions will help your designer connect with you and your brand better. We also hope to push you to dive deeper with your brand and goals. Knowing what you want to accomplish is such a huge deal.

Secret Numero Uno – Questionnaire

One of the first steps that you’ll be experiencing with your new designer is the questionnaire phase. Pro tip: if your designer is not asking you questions, you should be looking for one that does. Developing a logo is sometimes hard, and can be a multi-round process. Answering questions and being real with your answers will make the process go a lot better and there should be plenty smiles to go around after all is said and done. Dive into this questionnaire, allow the questions to make you dive deeper into your brand and business goals. Be real with these questions and don’t be afraid to answer them honestly. The designer’s job is to ingest those questions that you answer, all in the hopes of creating a beautiful masterpiece that equips you to rule your market. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to the designer and say “Hey I need like a month to answer these questions!” if that is truly what you need. One thing that can hurt a project right off the bat is a lack of communication, so  just holler at your designer. Want to take a questionnaire right now? Go here!

Secret Dos – Competition.

For our questionnaires we have a section that dives into who your competition is. This is super important, and will help your designer understand how you want to position yourself in your market. If all of your competitors are using the color red, you may want the designer to know that and think of a way to make you stand apart. Also, by diving into a little market research you really understand what your competitors are doing right. You may even want to start thinking about business alliances, and by knowing who your competition is you know who to contact. You will also learn some best practices that you need to implement along the way. Knowing how to position yourself with a logo in your market is so freaking important. Doing this leg work will make your designer happy, and you more empowered.

Secret Tres – Know what you want, but be open-minded.

On more than one occasion have gotten the lovely email of someone jazzed up because they created a logo mockup in Microsoft Word. One of their main requests is “Can you do your design thing and make this better?”. Our answer is usually “Yes of course we would love to help you, let’s sit and talk.”  The let’s sit and talk part is us trying to figure out what you need. We have kind of an interesting motto here that sometimes rub people the wrong way but we know is a fantastic way of thinking: “We don’t want to give you what you want, we want to give you what you need.” What that means is while what you may have made in Microsoft Word is what you want, it’s probably not what you need. On the flip side, we love when people know what they want. We like someone who has done some research or has the general aesthetic feel that they feel confident in voicing. We like that because ultimately we would like to collaborate with everybody on a project. Our job is to be on your side and sometimes that means we have to go against what you want. When you’re open-minded a couple of really cool things start to happen. 1. You might be genuinely and pleasantly surprised by what the designer presents to you in the early concept phases. You may utter the term “I would never have thought of that!” and be super happy and jazzed at a new idea. I mean, that is kind of why you are hiring us, right?  2.  You get to truly see how your creative idea for a logo stands up to the process the designer implements. At the end of the day, you will get to see if that idea and what you want is appropriate for your brand and company. Cool huh?

Secret Quatro – Be available

The best way to have the process of developing an impacting logo go well is by being available. Super simple, but kinda hard. We have worked on a ton of projects where a client will just disappear for weeks on end. Could you imagine  hiring us and when we tell you we will get your next step, we go dark? No answer, nada. Would you be freaked out? Maybe lose trust in us? It is a little bit like that when the situation is flipped. We understand that life can throw you curveballs, or you just get super busy, so of course we have grace for those crazy times. Some side effects of no-response-go-darking is that there will be disruptions in creative flow, inspiration, and overall connection to your goals and vision. Work as much as you can with your designer to try and avoid that.

Secret Cinco – Talk

This final tip I think may be the most important! Think of developing your logo as a collaboration. You are working with another person to develop a graphical representation of your company and vision. Umm, that is tricky. So, if you get round 1 from the designer and you do not like anything, don’t fire them. This is the perfect time to get to know your designer better and formulate some awesome feedback. Things like “ I don’t like it” or “No no no grr!” are not always the best. Saying something like “I think that the use of a cat positions me wrong in my market, and also does not represent my companies vision too well”. With constructive, honest feedback, usually a good designer will press in and ask more questions. Before you know it you guys will totally be on Pinterest together looking at inspiration together. Doves will sing, and your logo will be made amazing in round 2. All that to say, if your designer swings and misses, it’s not bad. This is a great opportunity to press in deeper and help your designer find a kick-a solution.

We really hope these tips will help you have an amazing experience working with your designer. Let us know below if these tips help or if you have your own? Also, we could be that designer for you. Let’s talk and get to know your goals and vision and make something amazing together.


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