Aimee at AimHigher contacted us as she was venturing out and starting her business. She was very laid back and let us do our thing. She really wanted to have a bold mark that would set her apart from the competition.


We came up with a mark that allowed her to use her full name and have a nod to ‘stepping’ up someone’s fitness and mental game. We used a color palette that promoted vibrancy and elegance while being sporty and bold.


This bold mark we came up with really sets AimHigher apart and gives Aimee a strong start in establishing her brand. Go get em!

Bold Fitness Identity

Aim Higher is a new physical wellness startup, and they needed a visual identity to really help them appeal and communicate their brand. The idea behind the mark is that it needed to convey action and be ‘sporty’ yet modern. The type we chose was a nod to Nike in feel and clean impact. The ‘stairstep’ effect we pulled out in the type shows the upward motion and a nod to stairs equalling small steps towards full health and wellness. We and the client were super happy with the final mark, and we are glad to communicate their story!