Bart Flipped is a photography project that had Tim travel to all 44 BART stations and photograph the everyday life during the day, and during the night. This project needed a logo for the website and any other brand uses.


A lot of iteration went into this mark. We decided on playing off the current official BART logo and also have the mark be connected which represented being able to travel around the Bay in a loop. We had fun playing with color and decided on making some alternate versions to speak to different stations and lines. We had a lot of fun!


We ended up developing a very versatile logo that communicated BART, and what this project was about. We really had fun creating versions that played off the station colors and having a version that played off our favorite color.

Photography Project Logo

BartFlipped is a personal project for Tim. He went to all 44 BART stations during the day and during the night and did fine art photography capturing the beauty that is me and you. The thinking behind the logo is to modernize and nod to BART’s original logo while showing off the different line colors as well as being super flexible in different logo versions for other media outlets.

This photography project is ongoing and is updated from time to time.

BartFlipped is a photography project with a goal to capture the beauty that is me and you. Click To Tweet