We got hired to help Challenge Day bolster their brand and usher their web prescence into the current age. They had an old framework that they were using and needing not only the backend, but the front end to be revamped. Their brand needed a boost and tweak to connect with a larger audience and also communicate what they do with more clarity.


We used our framework  to not only re-do the front end, but gave Challenge Day IT a new way to update content. They needed to update their content often, and before us they had tons of php pages that required huge amounts of time and labor just for simple updates. We equipped them with the pagebuilder and instructions on how to use the pagebuilder. For the design we wanted to capture the life and texture of the life changing work that Challenge Day does. We tried to use as many images as possible without the site being bloated, and created custom icons and simple content layouts.


We and the client are super happy with how the website came out. We feel it is easy to digest the content that Challenge Day needed to communicate, while also capturing and communicating a vibe of what Challenge Day does through the design.

View the live site now →

This is how we make a better world

Challenge Day is an amazing organization that aims to make the world a better place. Here is their mission statement:

After years working in teen crisis, prevention, and intervention, Challenge Day Founders Rich and Yvonne Dutra-St. John understood that substance abuse, eating disorders, bullying, truancy, violence, and even suicide were symptoms of the underlying problems of separation, isolation, and loneliness. They drew upon their commitment as parents of four young children and their combined professional experience to create the Challenge Day program.

This website project was more than that, it was also a brand transformation project. We were hired to accomplish those goals. We developed icons, font pairings, and overall aesthetic that would set Challenge Day in modern times and also easily connectable to the public. We will be writing up a case study soon as this project was huge!