Children’s Place Mobile UI



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A ton of screens and man hours went into getting this right.


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While working at DL Hastings we were tapped to do a mobile UI concept for The Children’s Place Canada, that would eventually be rolled out to the US and beyond. I was the lead on this project and had to come up with a concept in a day, and it got approved! Yeay! Below are some screens showing the work!

What was fun about this project is that it was a baby Toys R Us in scope, which meant a baby amount of screens and designs were needed compared to the TRU project. I felt like I could tackle this with the veracity of 100 vikings! And tackle I did. This was a bit more challenging though, as we had to come up with a lot more of the raw design, as this was a brand new concept for TCP. So, it was still a super time intensive project.