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August 25, 2017

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Softball green and baseball blue a nod to Coach Lisle’s expertise.

Port - Speaker 01 - Info Block 01

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Coach Lisle Website Design

Coach Lisle is a prominent hitting coach who is an assistant coach at women’s softball team The Gamecocks. Matt needed an overhaul of his existing site and we had a lot of fun. Learned about Matt’s business, his philosophies, and how to make his brand more impacting on his website.

We chose a really elegant and luxurious look, along with a couple color nods to Matt’s expertise. Blue for baseball and green for softball. We had fun leveraging Matt’s existing brand The Hitting Vault and used it to really make his personal brand be impacting, and connected to his megabrand.

Matt was super happy with the finished design. We had a lot of fun and were pleased with the finished site. The website accomplishes the goals that Matt had to bolster his CoachLisle brand, to communicate his skills and products, and look dope!