Content Canopy Identity



Aleph Cloud was a startup in Silicon Valley that had a new approach to data encryption. They needed an identity for their product called Content Canopy. They wanted to communicate boldness, security, and movement.


We did a lot of ideation around security and how to walk the fine line of communicating security and boldness while being approachable and trustworthy. We also were trying to work in a nod to the main company Aleph Cloud while also being a logo that could stand out on its own as a product.


We decided on this mark as it spoke to an entity providing security from atop. The mark also has a hint of movement or the idea that it could easily move and be nimble in combatting security threats. The mark also is in the shape of an ‘A’ to nod to Aleph Cloud. We chose the colors as they are bold, tech forward, and were in line with the main brand.


This was a huge branding project that Tim was the lead on during his time at DL Hastings. Content Canopy was a startup that specialized in military grade file encryption. This mark is so simple and because of that simplicity, there are so many applications for this identity. We really rolled out a huge amount of assets for this company. Everything from pixelated macro textures of the mark to posters showing the mark in movement. This mark helped position Content Canopy in a league of their own.