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Lovely FAQ's

We try to make working with us a breeze, and fun too. Here are a few common questions we have answered, and hope this will help you in deciding to hire us 🙂

Responsive Web Design FAQ's

Brand Bolstering
Responsive Design
Story Telling Design
Custom Illustration
Icon Development

How does it work to get a logo with you?

It works great! The short of it is the first step is to learn about you and your vision. We go in our design duvet and ruminate. We may ask more questions. We then craft and develop logo concepts you can choose from. You choose one. We finalize it. You smile and are happy.

Or, the long version: Listen to the client & define design brief > Proposal > 50% deposit > Research > Conceptualizing > Rendering work > Presentation > Revisions > Final 50% > Delivery > Smiles.

How much does a logo cost?

That all depends on what you expect, how much you want to explore the design process and what kind of additional branding material you want to end up with. We will discuss with you some options, but our base starting rate is $750. You can also reach out to us to get a quote if you have some awesome custom thing!

How long does it take to develop a logo?

Beyond the delivery of preliminary designs, the amount of time required to complete a typical project depends on the client, the number of design revisions and modifications requested, complexity of logo requests, etc. Each logo project is different and we really do like to dive in and learn about your project, company and vision and find the most impacting and timeless way to communicate that.

Can a logo really be designed over the internet, and not in person?

Of course. Technology is amazing, we can see each other from our computer screens while listening to each other. Is it better in person? Of course, but either way, you will be getting an amazing identity. We will make it work. We even travel half way to your location if you are in our area.

Do you do package deals if I want a business card as well?

Yes! In fact we encourage you to have us develop as much of the brand identity as we can. Consistency and cohesiveness are king. Talk to us and we will discuss how this works.

Print Design FAQ's

Event Posters
Band Posters
Creative Illustrations
Storytelling Prints

Do you print in house?

Sometimes. It depends on the project. If it is a project that requires screen printing, we can handle that. We prefer to send out printing to a specialist though, and we always account for those costs ahead of time in our quote to you.

What type of print projects can you do?

We have done everything from corporate stationery to billboards. We know that a story can be powerfully told on paper and vinyl. We really excel at event / band posters, and stationery. It just makes us tingle!

Why is print so hard?

For us, it isn’t. The key is to talk with a printer ahead of time and get the correct specs. That way, we can tell your story with the most impact because we know what we are designing for.

Can you do the printing separately?

Yes! Our specialty is the design, and you can find the best solution for the print job separately. We will even consult you on best practices for finding a good printer. You have the power!

Why choose Tickyboom?

We want to tell your story with impact, because we care. We know anyone and everyone will tell you they care, but we REALLY-super-duperly care. We want you to be happy, but also equipped to tell the world about your thing. With print design, we really excel at capturing the essence of your thing, and making it dope-rriffic!