Releview™ Video Services Responsive Website



When working at DL Hastings, Tim was tasked with coming up with a web design for a new company named Realeview™. The website needed to be simple and razor sharp in showing & telling what Realeview™ does: Drone video and photography for real estate.


We utilized a theme and did everything in browser with the help of an atomic design to help with styling and design. We turned this site around in 2 weeks.


The website was robust, fast & established a brand for this new drone video and photography firm.

Skyhigh Real Estate Drone Video & Photography

While working at DL Hastings, me and DL started flying drones. We flew a DJI Phantom 2. We had a blast to say the least. As we got better at flying, and making aerial videos, we decided to dive into the Real Estate aerial video services. We knew there would be a huge market for this, and we were at the start of the prosumer drone explosion. Below is a website that I designed and built with WordPress.

This website project was super integrated with the rest of the brand and business. We did a photoshoot to showcase our services, we had some demo videos up, and we even came up with some automated video services that we offered. It was really fun to see what services we could offer, test them out, and then say “We offer this!”

We got commissioned by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce to do a whole video series to promote tourism. We got access all over Richmond, including roaming around on and shooting aerial video of the S.S. Red Oak. I learned so much about Richmond’s history, and got to meet a whole lot of awesome people all because of this website. I would say that is a success!