3 Teams, 3 Countries, Lotsa GoToMeeting. We were exhausted when the sprints were over, but looking back, we were also in super awe of all the good work we did.


Over 1000 screens designed & every scenario ever thought of!



While Tim was working at DL Hastings, we were tapped to design the tablet and mobile experience for Toys R Us. This would be a huge undertaking, and would teach me many lessons in UI design, UX, and what it takes to build a successful product (spoiler, it takes a freaking lot of work). Toys R Us wanted to increase mobile usage and buying. I was the lead designer on this project, and here are a few adventures, challenges and screens I am sharing.

Daily meetings, wireframes, screens, pencils being worn down, and massive amounts of coffee being consumed. All of that goes without saying, and is pretty standard, except the daily meetings, that was a little tiring. What was interesting is that we needed to explore every possible scenario that we could think of, and mock that up, on mobile, tablet, and if we had the time, all the orientations. Oh yea, we did all the orientations.

We designed all error messages, all dropdown states, heck we even designed scenarios that may happen if a user just throws the keyboard out of the window. There were a lot of late nights, and broken keyboards.